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Family Day (22 August @ Renlow Park)

Note: DMAP 3466 has been discontinued.  Game commission plans to allow shooting buck or doe throught the entire deer rifle season in 2E.

1. August meeting And work party is scheduled for 1 August.  Start time is 10 A.M.  Work party will begin as soon as the meeting is over. 

2.  The shooting range is open and trout are biting.  Feel free to shoot, fish and 4-wheel. 

3. We count on selling gun raffle tickets to help pay our bills.  Raffle will be August 22 at the Family Day Picnic.  Sell, Sell, Sell!!!!!  Greatly appreciated.

Important notes:

1.  Always carry your membership card with you when you are on the property and display your MVO decal on your vehicle!!!1

2.  Check out the DONATE button above and contemplate making an automatic monthly donation.