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See the events calendar for hunting season info. Good luck to all!

The first Sunday of each month is Trap Shoot Day. You can use it anytime but this is the day that everybody knows for sure there may be others there to shoot, the clays and the thrower are in the />

1. February meeting will be conducted Wednesday, 02 February at 1830 (6:30 PM) at the Parkside Community Center in Dubois, Pa.. February work party will be held at the Parkside Community Center 6 February at 1300 (1PM) to finalize club bylaws.

2. March meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, 2 March at the Parkside Community Center. Work party will be Saturday, 5 March at 1000 (10AM) at the Conex.

3. *Reminder*  You are required to attend 3 meetings and 3 work days a year to qualify to hunt. If you have a VALID and VERIFIABLE reason that you cannot uphold your responsibility then you need to submit your request to the waiver board .
If you live outside a 50 mile radius of the property this doesn't apply.

Important notes:

1. To hunt on MVO property you must attend 3 meetings and work parties or events. This is known as the 3-3 rule. MVO's year for the 3-3 rule starts January 1 and ends December 31 and will be good for that license year which will end the following year on 31 May.

2.  Always carry your membership card with you when you are on the property and display your MVO decal on your vehicle!!!1

3.  Check out the DONATE button above and contemplate making an automatic monthly donation.