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Trout season is just around the corner

Note: We are looking for a Spouse Auxilary Manager. If interested please contact President Gary Smith via the contact page of this website.
Thank you Martha for all you have done!!! You will be missed.

1. January meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, 5 January. Start time is 6:30 P.M. at the Parkside Community Center in Dubois. See Event Calendar for details.  There is no work party scheduled for January.

2. February meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, 2 February. "Work Party" will be conducted Saturday, 13 February at the Parkside Community Center from 10AM through 1PM. Purpose is to rewrite the range rules.

3.  Congratulations to all our members who successfully harvested game this year. See the photo section of this website for some of our members trophies.

4. *Reminder*  You are required to attend 3 meetings and 3 work days a year to qualify to hunt. If you want to hunt this years spring gobbler season you can still accomplish your required meetings and work parties between now and May. If you have a VALID and VERIFIABLE reason that you cannot uphold your responsibility then you need to submit your request to the waiver board ASAP.
If you live outside a 50 mile radius of the property this doesn't apply.

Important notes:

1.  Always carry your membership card with you when you are on the property and display your MVO decal on your vehicle!!!1

2.  Check out the DONATE button above and contemplate making an automatic monthly donation.